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Ridat company belongs to Marzougui Group (Somaci, Somaprim …) created by the late Laroussi Marzougui in 1963, which has a long experience in the field of export of dates.


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Certified quality

With its attractive packing, diversified product range excellent brand image and reputation in the field of agribusiness, Ridat offers good quality product certified ISO 22001 that meet customer’s requirement.

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Our brands

It is primarily through our brands that our customers know us.
Whether targeted at the end consumer or the professionals, our strategic brands each have a specific positioning and an identity of their own, but all share the product quality.

Phone: (+216) 75 334 400 / 75 332 999 / 75 330 622
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Zone Industrielle, ELHAMMA 6020 GABES, Tunisie